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Wayne County, MI Public Records

Michigan state law allows anyone to view public records. There are no restrictions such as residency or age when requesting these services. There may be limited access to inmates in correctional facilities, though. The first thing to do is determine the type of record required. Vital or personal records are accessed differently compared to criminal or court records. Marriage records from 1867 are available to the public. Records of divorce are also public information. Requesters can access these from the county clerk. Birth and death records are housed at the county clerk’s office as well. Birth records are not public information and can only be accessed by eligible individuals. That would be the person on the record, their legal representative, and their parents. Property record documents are also part of Wayne County public records per the Freedom of Information Act.

Courts in Wayne County

Court Records in Wayne County, Michigan

Michigan court regulation 8. 119 offers a presumption of court records access. Anyone should be able to access files unless there are restrictions due to rulings or if it is sealed. Those seeking available records can find them at the County Clerk’s office. It maintains and provides copies of the records generated by courts under the Third Judicial Circuit. Alternatively, applicants can find case records at the Third Judicial Circuit web portal. This page has different links for searching civil and criminal records. Wayne County court records can also be available in person during normal business hours. These records would be paid for immediately when they are ordered. The fee for regular court document copies is $2 a page. An additional $10 is required for certified documents.

Court Name:
3020 West Grand Boulevard Suite 14-300

Jails and Prisons in Wayne County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Wayne County, Michigan

Wayne County inmate records are available to the general public, considering they are part of the criminal record. In Michigan, the county sheriff’s office has custody of jail records and provides an online search tool for locating those who have been booked. Anyone can access the inmate search tool, provided they have the person’s details, such as name or booking number. For accurate results, race, gender, and age may be added. The results of this search should give the inmates details, including when they were incarcerated, the charges, and which facility they are in the county. The inmate lookup does not apply to individuals detained in pretrial facilities, though. There are 13 jails and prisons serving a 1.775 million resident population.

Jails and Prisons Name:
3501 Hamtramck Dr.

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Wayne County

Arrest Records in Wayne County, Michigan

Wayne County arrest records include the person’s physical detail, criminal history, and the context of their arrest. These are considered part of the public record in Wayne County for both felonies and misdemeanors unless they are deemed confidential by the authorities. Unlike other public records, arrest records are held by the sheriff’s department. Applicants can request this information at the county sheriff’s office in person. Alternatively, requesters can use the Internet Criminal History Access Tool, which allows one to search criminal histories maintained by the state’s criminal justice information center. Restricted records or search warrants are not available through this portal. Tribal, traffic, or juvenile records are also unavailable on this platform. Wayne County, Michigan, has 73 police departments, and the crime rate is 49.07 per 100 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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