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Ottawa County, MI Public Records

Ottawa County public records include any document or file containing information owned, prepared, utilized, or retained by a local public agency. The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires that local agencies provide public access to these records. The county clerk’s office maintains and provides copies of marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates. The Ottawa County Register of Deeds manages property records, such as deeds, mortgages, and land contracts. Additionally, public access to these records is granted following Michigan law. Fees for certified copies vary between $15 and $50, depending on the record type. Traffic violations and judgments can also be accessed from the District Court.

Courts in Ottawa County

Court Records in Ottawa County, Michigan

Ottawa County court records include traditional and electronic files containing information about criminal and civil court cases. Interested parties may access probate court, criminal records, bankruptcy filings, liens, driving violations, and other court-related documents. The Michigan State Court Administrative Office maintains the official website of the Michigan courts, which provides access to court records for all trial courts in Michigan. Electronic court records are available through the Odyssey case management system. Physical court records may be obtained by visiting the clerk’s office or sending a written request. There are records that cannot be accessed by all requesters considering they are deemed confidential. These are records that include juvenile cases, child custody, or ongoing criminal investigations.

Court Name:
414 N. Washington Ave.
Grand Haven

Jails and Prisons in Ottawa County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Ottawa County, Michigan

Inmate records in Ottawa County, Michigan, are managed by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. The public can access details of an inmate’s arrest and conviction, sentencing information, and a list of county facilities where the incarcerated may be. Parole and probation details are also available. The jail houses pretrial detainees and convicted inmates. The public can search for inmates through the Michigan Department of Corrections Offender Tracking Information System. Ottawa County covers an area of 564 square miles and has a population of 280,243, there are 2 jails and prisons. A jail or prison is located every 140,121 persons or 281 square miles. Ottawa County is ranked 81st out of 83. The public can search for inmates through the Michigan Department of Corrections Offender Tracking Information System.

Jails and Prisons Name:
12130 Fillmore Street
West Olive

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Ottawa County

Arrest Records in Ottawa County, Michigan

Arrest records in Ottawa County, Michigan, may be accessed by eligible members of the public. These records contain information about apprehensions by law enforcement personnel following suspected criminal activity. The arresting agency or officer, the date of the arrest, details about the suspect, bail and bond information, offenses, charges, and booking details are included in these records. Some reports may contain sensitive information, such as abuse, financial crimes, juvenile incidents, or ongoing criminal investigations, and may not be publicly available. The Michigan State Police maintains a Criminal Justice Information Center, which provides access to criminal records. The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office also maintains an online portal where the public can search for recent arrests. Ottawa County covers an area of 564 square miles and has a population of 280,243, there are 7 police departments. There is one police department for every 40,034 residents and one for every 80 square miles. The rate of crime in Ottawa County is 12.35 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Police Departments Name:

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