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Macomb County, MI Public Records

Macomb County public records are publicly accessible by making an appropriate request to the custodian, provided there are no exemptions by the law. These include written, audio, and visual files that governmental bodies are required to generate and maintain. Vital records such as births, marriages, divorces, and deaths are not available to the public as they may only be accessed by parents, guardians, legal representatives, and the person on the record. The Register of Deeds maintains these records, so interested parties may access them by completing the Vital Records Form. These are priced at $15, and additional copies cost $5. County property records are accessible to the public as well. The County Recorder of Deeds stores them.

Courts in Macomb County

Court Records in Macomb County, Michigan

Macomb County court records entail documents that include information on case proceedings. There is a presumption of the general public as well, provided it does not breach legislation or privacy considerations. Court records may be accessed from the county clerk’s office, meaning requesters can contact them in person or via mail requests. The county has eleven district courts and two probate courts, so interested individuals may opt to visit the courthouses in person to get the records. Alternatively, record seekers may opt for the Courtview online platform to find case records according to case type, status, and name. The Michigan court registry also provides online access to civil and criminal records. Restricted court records include juveniles, income returns, domestic abuse, and ongoing criminal investigations.

Court Name:

Jails and Prisons in Macomb County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Macomb County, Michigan

Macomb County inmate records are available for public viewing in accordance with open records laws. The Sheriff’s Office maintains these, providing an inmate search tool to assist interested partiesUsually, inmate searches yield the individuals’ physical details, criminal charges, parole, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. One has to provide their name and booking number, though. Inmate information is also updated regularly, so it is possible to know recently booked or released inmates. Macomb county jail inmates are also allowed visits twice a week. Visitors must schedule these appointments from Sunday to Thursday and adhere to the rules, such as appropriate clothing and the number of children per adult. Macomb County has six jails and prisons serving 876,792 residents.

Jails and Prisons Name:
43565 Elizabeth Road
Mount Clemens

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Macomb County

Arrest Records in Macomb County, Michigan

Macomb County arrest records detail apprehensions in the area following suspected criminal activity. These provide information on the physical details of the arrested individual, arresting officer, charges, and the circumstances that led to the detention. Arrest records are generated by the County Sheriff’s Office and are not covered by the open public records laws. The documents may contain sensitive information on juveniles, sexual abuse, financial crimes, or other ongoing criminal investigations. For this reason, they would mostly be accessible to law enforcement, legal representatives, and parties of the incident. Criminal records, which include convictions, are sourced from the Michigan state police. There are 23 police departments in Macomb County; it is ranked 74th out of 83 counties in police departments per capita. The crime rate is 25.81 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
43565 Elizabeth Road
Mount Clemens

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