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Search Michigan Court Of Appeals - Third District Records Online

Court Name:
Michigan Court Of Appeals - Third District
Court Type:
Court of Appeals
Street Address:
350 Ottawa Nw
Grand Rapids
Zip Code:
Monday - Friday : 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Hon. Jane M. Beckering
Patricia A. Murray
Clerk Phone:
For Limited Parking, You Can Park At One Of The Meters On Ionia Or In The Metered Parking Lot Across From The State Office Building. For Extended Periods, You May Park At The Ellis Parking Lot On Ionia Or Circle Around The State Office Building And Park At The Underground Parking Ramp Off Ottawa Street. There Is A Small Sign Near The Entrance Of The Ramp That Says "Government Center
The Grand Rapids Clerk'S Office Is In The State Office Building, On Floor "O."
Forms and Filing:
Jury Service:
About Additional Info:
The court has four districts: District I is based in Detroit, District II is based in Troy, District III is based in Grand Rapids, and District IV is based in Lansing. Each District elects six or seven judges, but the judges on the various panels are not drawn from specific districts, and the court's precedents must be consistent statewide (i.e., each district may not maintain its own precedents as in the various circuits in the federal judicial system). Because there is no connection between the district in which a case arises and the judges who sit on the panel, there are some slight differences between the election districts (which are redrawn every 10 years to maintain approximate population equality) and the case filing districts (which only are to maximize convenience). Due to the enormous geographic size of the 4th District, the court will, on occasion, schedule a panel to hear cases in a northern Michigan city (such as Marquette, Petoskey, or Traverse City), for the convenience of the parties.
Michigan Court Of Appeals - Third District
350 Ottawa Nw, 49503, Grand Rapids, Michigan